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Flow Self Defence Academy brings the skill, confidence, and empowerment of self defence right to your doorstep in Gladesville. Claim your free class today!

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📍 Locals ONLY ☝️ Limit 1 Per Person ⌛ Ends Soon!

Experience the Confidence Boost Self Defence Provides

Self-defence is more than physical techniques; it's about building a confident, empowered you. Claim your free class and see how our supportive community and expert instructors can transform your confidence and skills.

Join a Supportive and Empowering Self Defence Community

We pride ourselves on a welcoming, supportive environment at Flow Self Defence Academy. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, you're in the right place. Get ready to learn, grow, and belong!

Self Defence: The Skill Everyone Should Master!

Learning self-defence is crucial in today's world. It's not just about protection; it's about gaining the confidence and fitness that comes with knowing you can handle challenging situations. Join us and discover the power within you!

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Hear From Our Members!

  • "I have found George (instructor) & all current members to be very friendly & every class has a fun atmosphere. I’m appreciating the improvement in my balance, strength, defence, mind & it’s all come with ease because of what we are learning in this class. I’m returning to sports from a long absence and this class has helped me to gain confidence in myself to re-join other activities/sports. This self defence method is less aggressive or routine driven, just a flow of your own movements to handle one or more attackers."

    Leon Anastasiou
  • "The hands on, one-to-one scenarios, assist in building confidence, and self awareness, so that fear is not part of a life threatening situation. You will be prepared, and you will be calm, thanks to the breathing techniques taught in these classes. Give it a go, I definitely recommend it!"

  • "Extremely practical, real-world-relevant training you can start using from your first class. This isn’t about earning colourful belts or memorising complex choreographed sets of routine moves - it’s simply about leaning how to defend yourself with the maximum return for the minimum of effort, in any scenario. If you’ve maybe done other forms of martial arts and found the learning curve impractically long before it becomes actually useful - I can’t recommend George and the Flow Academy enough."

    Alex Beasley
  • "Great classes! role playing with a knife, exceptional training which includes role playing scenarios. Thanks for the free trial!"

    Joshua Chapman
  • "The Self Defense taught at this academy is practical, and deals with real life scenarios. After 1 month of attending, I had learnt more about Self Defense than in 1 year of karate! The instructor George, has a well planned out session, that teaches us how to deal with punches, kicks, choking, knifes, baseball bats & even guns. I highly recommend everyone attend, even if it is for 6-12 months, to get some real life skills."


Claim Your FREE Class at Flow Self Defence Academy Today

Embark on a journey of empowerment, confidence, and fitness with a free self-defence class. Why wait to become the strongest version of yourself?

📍 Locals ONLY ☝️ Limit 1 Per Person ⌛ Ends Soon!